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Join my 7-day

sugar free challenge


Starting on Monday the 18th of September

Are you ready to jump off the sugar roller coaster and say goodbye to tiredness, sugar cravings and mood swings? 

Download the FREE e-book and start feeling like your best self! 

Food cravings are the reason why healthy eating seems so hard! 


Your body's response to sugar is part of what's behind the worst symptoms of PMS: period pain, mood swings, bloating, brain fog, extreme fatigue.


With this group programme I can help you set the basis to tame those sugar cravings without feeling deprived or restricted, and being part of a supportive community in my private Facebook group! Because together we are stronger!  

What's included in the challenge?

  • A 19-pages guide with:

-Introduction to blood sugar balance

-Consequences and symptoms of blood sugar imbalance

-How to start building blood sugar balancing meals 

-How to check labels for hidden sugar

-Why is sugar so addictive? 

-News on artificial sweeteners

-Are natural sugar an option?

-Blood sugar balancing recipes

  • A private Facebook group with daily prompts with tips and tricks

  • Daily support and accountability

  • one 60 minutes live session

  • A final gift on the last day! 

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Meet Laura

Hi, I'm Laura, a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist specialising in helping women solving their hormonal imbalances, embrace the power of their body and love their period.

I have spent years struggling with hormonal imbalances, period pain, digestive issues, mood swings and extreme fatigue.

After taking an holistic approach and learning to listen to what my body needed I entirely transformed my health.

I'm on a mission to help you in your journey to fix your period and teach you how to trust your body!


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Join my sugar free challenge and break your sugar habits for good! 

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